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Our list of Top Porn Blogs is an interesting list! We have a few that are blogs that are actually written by porn stars themselves or people in general who wanted to start a porn site as easily as possble. Some of them will have tons of articles and information about the porn industry and porn news, others just have videos and pictures, either way, they're pretty great!

Our Alt Porn section is a collection of some of the best Alt Porn websites online today! So, what is Alt Porn? Alt Porn is porn that usually involves certain cultures like Goths, Punks, or Ravers. Websites like this usually feature actors with modifications like tatoos, piercings, and/or dyed hair and similiar features.

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Reddit.com is the "front page of the internet". Ultimately, reddit is a forum with very humble beginnings, however, since that start they have grown into one of the webs biggest and most well-known forums. People who frequent the site are known as "redditors" (we're proud redditors ourselves) and can get quite passionate about the stuff they post about.

If you want to start your own thread, you can! They're called subreddits and there's literally hundreds of them! They range from business topics, to politics, to of course, porn! You'll mostly find pictures and things like that but sometimes a break from the norm is good for you, enjoy!

If you're a redditor than you have love IamA's! AMA stands for "Ask me anything", anyone can post one nowadays, all you have to do is having something seemingly interesting to say and the mods will give you free reign. However, the most popular ones have been done by celebrities and politicians and even porn stars like Ron Jeremy! Just about all of the ama's on are list are archived, so, you won't be able to comment, however, they're still fun reads and they give you some insight into some of your most favorite porn stars.

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As technology keeps getting better and better and barriers to entry change, the porn industry has had to keep up and they're doing it with podcasts and radio shows! There's a handful so far, and they're good! You can see them listed here!

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